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30min - Dynatrace Performance Power Demo

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Don't know why you'd need an APM solution? Happy with the solution you're using but you'd like to see what the leader of the market could do for you?

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Dynatrace has redefined how you monitor today’s digital ecosystems. AI-powered, full stack and completely automated, it’s the only solution that provides answers, not just data, based on deep insight into every user, every transaction, across every application. The world’s leading brands, including 72 of the Fortune 100, trust Dynatrace to optimize customer experiences, innovate faster and modernize IT operations with absolute confidence.

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Meet the Speakers

Roland Varga - SDR Manager - EMEA 

Roland spent the last 18 years in supporting organizations to deal with complex projects from telecommunications to user experience management. In his current role since 2011, Roland has been building, coaching and growing teams of digital performance management advisors within Dynatrace.

He loves diving. Diving into the process, in helping organizations to optimize their digital touch points with their customers; and also diving into the depths of the world oceans, as a master scuba diver.