Webcast On-Demand: How You Can Improve SAP Performance

SAP systems consume huge expenditures of time and money, so improving their effectiveness is a business priority. Poor SAP performance damages not only user adoption, but also business operations. Yet few understand how to diagnose the causes of poor performance; many of which are outside the SAP application itself. 

Listen to Daniel Poulter, Senior Product Marketing Manager at BT, and George Lawrie, vice president and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in this informative webcast (in English) where they will provide you with real-world insight into best practices for understanding and improving SAP system performance.

Leading-edge companies such as BT have found new innovative ways to optimize SAP applications and improve performance by as much as 43 percent. Register now for this on-demand webcast and learn:

  • How companies approach SAP modernization efforts
  • Common causes of poor SAP performance
  • Options to measure, calculate and visualize SAP performance metrics
  • How application performance management solutions can complement the SAP Solution Manager

Daniel Poulter
Senior Product Marketing Manager

George Lawrie
VP and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research, Inc.