Goodbye War Room, Hello DevOps 2.0

6 ways to increase quality and speed in application deployment

DevOps 1.0 was a great way to get people thinking about the necessary transformation we learned from lean. Now it’s time to evolve to 2.0 and get everyone in your engineering organization leveling up skills and taking responsibility for the end product. What are some things to put on your radar now?
In this eBook, we’ll focus on what you need to do to continue to transform, such as:

  • What are ways you can level-up skills to build in quality from the start?
  • What kind of metrics are important based on shared goals and collaboration?
  • How do we integrate continuous quality metrics as gates in the delivery pipeline?
  • What is most important to automate and why?

War rooms can actually be an exception in 2.0, not the rule. And by building quality into everything we do – Requirements, Engineering, Testing and Deployment – you can say goodbye to crazy expensive bug fixing and war rooms.