The Need for Speed – Global Retail Benchmarks

On-Demand Webinar

Why the big slow down? Retail websites are heavier, slower, and more complex than ever before…when the public demands speed.

This webinar is short and jam packed with insightful data that we’ve collected from more than 300 different retail sites for the past year.

Presenter Dave Anderson, VP Marketing at Dynatrace, and resident data nerd, even shames his home country revealing just how bad website performance has got in his home country, and why it’s no laughing matter.  

You’ll discover:
  1. Which countries are delivering fast speeds, and which are lagging behind.
  2. The impact of 3rd party and page bloating
  3. What happens when 3rd parties fail and what you can do about it
  4. How site performance impacts revenue – lessons from retail giant Nordstrom, Walmart and Amazon.
  5. Benchmarking your site against the best in the business.
This on-demand webinar is not just for retailers.  It’s for everyone that wants fast website experiences.

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Dave Anderson 
Dave Anderson
Vice President of Marketing EMEA & APAC at Dynatrace

This isn’t your typical presentation. Dave was awarded ‘best presentation’ at LinkedIn Sales Summit 2015, so even if you don’t learn to adapt web performance, you are likely to leave smiling.