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A Tale of Two Pipelines: To DevOps or Not to DevOps

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Trying to move to a DevOps methodology, or improve your current DevOps methods? Need to increase innovation and the speed of your software delivery pipeline?

In this webinar, Brett Hofer, Global DevOps Practice Lead at Dynatrace, will show you how.

He’s led large-scale enterprise DevOps adoption projects at top organizations worldwide. Now he’ll give you a tour of two pipelines from his years in the field to illustrate how you can incorporate DevOps practices and rapid innovation into your everyday activities.

See a pipeline in an environment where people are running around putting out fires, pointing fingers, operating in siloes and losing sleep. Contrast that view with another pipeline where teams have highly optimized communications, well-defined roles and unified, understood goals.

  • Learn how to identify blinking spots of inefficiency in communication, architecture, and processes so you can escape the fire drills.
  • Discover where to build in unity, better tools and automation. See how to embrace points of failure to increase success.
  • Find out how top performers build and analyze the viability of their apps by improving the visibility of their app lifecycles.

Watch today for insights on key pipeline factors that plague traditional delivery pipelines and how to overcome them with practices that establish a true DevOps culture for a faster and less troublesome continuous delivery pipeline.

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Brett Hofer Global DevOps Practice Lead at Dynatrace

Brett Hofer is as passionate about DevOps and specializes in delivering complex mission-critical software under methodologies such as agile, lean and waterfall (to name a few). Brett has a strong record of success in managing and delivering projects with complex technical and political challenges. With more than twenty years of broad experience—from product designer and solution architect to senior management—he has a unique 360° perspective on IT and the business it supports.

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