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On-Prem to the Azure Cloud: Monitoring across Data Centers During Your Journey to the Cloud

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In today’s 24/7 always-on world, application downtime or poor performance are unacceptable especially for paying customers. For BARBRI, the leading online bar exam preparation service, uptime and performance are critical to ensure the success of not only their business, but the success of their customers, including the 1.3 million who have passed the bar exam using BARBRI’s services.

Prior to Dynatrace, visibility was poor and using multiple monitoring tools consumed precious resources that could be spent innovating rather than trying to correlate problem data from different tools to identify the source of a problem. Mark Kaplan, IT Director at BARBRI, wanted a solution that would allow him and his team to easily identify, find, and fix any issues that arise across all services BARBRI provides.

Listen to this discussion with BARBRI’S Mark Kaplan, Director of IT, and Greg Birdwell, Infrastructure Architect, on why they chose Dynatrace over New Relic and how Dynatrace’s fully-automated AI-based monitoring solution provides increased efficiencies across the entire company. They will also discuss their journey to Azure, and how Dynatrace fully supports that move.

Mark and Greg also discuss how Dynatrace:

  • Provides immediate insights into the health of applications right out of the box, across data centers
  • Natively integrates with Azure, making it the most powerful performance management solution available.
  • Reduces costs and improves resource allocation by using an all-in-one monitoring solution
  • Allows their team to focus on high-value business needs instead of watching dashboards and spending time in war rooms hunting down the root cause of the problem.
  • Uniquely supports Docker containers through auto-injection and full application performance visibility without code changes.
  • Allows teams to innovate faster through automated monitoring and full insights of all aspects of their ecosystem across datacenters in different geographies.

Bonus: We will also preview a big update to Dynatrace coming in January regarding full-stack performance monitoring for Azure and the unique business benefits of a Dynatrace/Azure combination.

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Mark Kaplan, IT Director at BARBRI

Mark has been in IT Infrastructure for over 30 years. He started on the Help Desk and worked his way up through the ranks holding many hands on IT Infrastructure positions. In his current role as Director of IT, he is responsible for all areas of IT including Infrastructure and Development. Mark is a people person and leads by example.

Greg Birdwell, Infrastructure Architect at BARBRI

Greg started his career in IT helping AT&T deal with meeting their upgrade and compliance deadlines for Y2k. Since then he has held various IT engineering positions with companies such as Target and Thomson Reuters. For BARBRI, where he has been for over 5 years, he is responsible for the day to day management of all infrastructure systems. This includes emergency troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, IT application development, and proof of concepts for new systems and technology. Greg is a lifetime cellist and a 20 year member of the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra.

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