5 ways to use performance monitoring to make DevOps a success

A case study: How Prep Sportswear moved from monolith to microservices

Thank you for your interest in 5 ways to use performance monitoring to make DevOps a success.

A lot of us want to get to the new way of developing and deploying software. These leaders, the unicorns, are not doing two deployments per year, they are doing multiple deployments per day and this is delivering value faster to the consumer.

Unfortunately, a lot of organizations are still failing. They are not start-ups like the unicorns. Many are well-established companies.

This eBook will not tell you the story of a unicorn. It will tell you the story of a real company just like yours, with real challenges building over years of operations. It will tell the story of how Prep Sportswear struggled, the steps they took to move the organization towards DevOps, and how performance management helped.

Learn how to manage the performance of complex applications.

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