BARBRI Selects Dynatrace over New Relic

BARBRI and Dynatrace Case Study

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BARBRI has become synonymous with bar prep success. They combine a proven, systematic preparation program with cutting-edge technology and expertise to teach individuals exactly what they need to know to pass the bar exam — the first time. Individual online experience is critical to the delivery of their services and the quality of their brand. To date, more than 1.2 million law school graduates have passed the bar using BARBRI.

As an e-learning company, BARBRI can never be down and a positive user experience is everything to their organization. Dynatrace gives BARBRI a single dashboard view to see if there are any problems

  1. Provides scalability to ensure proper resources are in place to service their customers
  2. When BARBRI infrastructure team experiences an issue, the first place they go is Dynatrace

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