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[Webinar] Journey to Cloud-Native: The evolution of IT Operations

Wednesday, September 20th
7:00 am Pacific (US West Coast) / 10:00 am EST / 3:00 pm BST (London) / 4:00 pm CEST (Paris, Brussels, Madrid)
Environments running microservices are highly dynamic and present a level of complexity in their operational data that makes root cause analysis particularly challenging and time consuming. How does one minimize production risk in an environment that is nearly impossible for a human to understand?

To simplify operations, more and more decision-making and activity that previously required human intervention is being programmatically driven into platforms. This type of intelligent automation baked into cloud-native platforms is transforming Operations teams into champions of delivering business value.

Join Kamala Dasika from Pivotal and Alois Mayr from Dynatrace, to learn about how teams are managing services at scale. Topics include:

  • How cloud native platforms simplify deployment and management of apps and services across a variety of cloud infrastructures
  • Automated detection of application and service topologies across multiple clouds
  • AI-powered root cause analysis
  • Identify behavior patterns, anticipate trends and respond quickly
  • Why correlation is not causation
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Alois Mayr, Tech Lead for Cloud and Container technologies at Dynatrace

Alois Mayr is the Tech Lead for Cloud and Container technologies in the Dynatrace Innovation Lab. He is passionate about performance and quality. Before joining Dynatrace, he was a researcher for software quality measurements. If he is not working, he loves doing outdoor activities.

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