The Business Imperative of Optimizing Digital Customer Experience [Report]

Determining the Maturity of Initiatives for Performance Management of Digital Customer Experience

Managing Digital Customer Experience: Assessing Your Maturity

We all know from personal experience that a slow or error-prone web or mobile app is among the most frustrating customer experience failures. So why, as Customer Experience professionals, are we apparently not able to better manage this all-too-common problem? This report by CX guru Dr. Natalie Petouhoff of Constellation Research looks at the state of managing Digital Experience – the degree to which web and app interaction is fast and free of technical errors. Because if you’re not actively managing it, you’re probably not getting it right.

In this report:

  • How to make the case for elevating the performance management of the digital customer experience: connecting digital experiences with business outcomes
  • Five levels of digital performance management
  • Benchmarking your approach: The Performance Maturity Matrix for Digital Customer Experience
  • Top recommendations for setting benchmarks and best practices

Is Digital Experience the missing ingredient in your efforts to improve the customer experience? Learn how you can create amazing customer experiences that drive business outcomes.