The Digital Performance Report: Best of the Web 2016

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Today, understanding customer experience requires a modern approach to digital performance management. This does not mean managing each application in its individual silo. It means managing the entire digital performance of your business. And, it requires:

  • A comprehensive view of customer experience across every digital interaction
  • An understanding of the business impact of performance problems
  • Gapless insight into the application delivery chain — mapping the user journey as a whole, not just the bits and pieces

 The 2016 Digital Experience Report provides a comparative performance assessment for the largest companies across six major industries — banking, brokerage, insurance, media, retail, and travel.

 Companies in the top right quadrant have the best overall performance, and are recognized as the Best of the Web. These companies distinguish themselves from their peers in both performance and reliability.

 Read this report and learn why.

Learn how to manage the performance of complex applications.

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