Panera Bread - Perfect UX Inside & Outside the Cafe

Panera 2.0 offers their customers a chance to write their own story. If they want their food to go, they can use their computer or mobile device to send their order directly to the Cafe's production system. The order will appear on the KDS just in time for them to skip the line entirely and grab their meal from the rapid pickup shelf when they arrive. Others may choose to leave that daunting line and use one of the Fast Lane kiosks in the Café or take a seat and order right from their table.

Watch this video to see how Panera is using technology to enable a better holistic, great customer experience from the very beginning of their interface with Panera and using Dynatrace to help them:

  • Assure customer experience by integrating APM, synthetics and realm into their product for insight and introspection
  • Understand the life of the transaction, the life of the experience, so that they can assure that they are improving as they innovate
  • Assure that all customers have a great experience, and if they don't, dig in and determine why
  • Use metrics to introduce performance enhancements and resiliency enhancements which helps business volume increases in multiple digits

The results are paying off. Company orders placed by consumers using the digital platforms is well over 9% right. The digital orders per day is 45,000 plus. Their app downloads is over 2 million and they have 19 million My Panera customers and nearly 50% of the transactions are coming from them.