10 things you didn’t know about cloud migration and adoption


Q. What's the most overused term in today’s IT Industry and Biz world?
A. Digital Transformation and Digitalisation.

Digital transformation and digitalisation are no longer buzzwords. It is commonplace to see tens or hundreds of millions of dollars (even billions) being poured into programs under the umbrella terms - “Digital Transformation” and "Digitalisation".

In this talk, Amrith Raj and Nik Jain will share the secrets of digital transformation (more specifically cloud migration and adoption) which will deliver immense financial and productivity impacts for your projects. Regardless of where you stand on your cloud journey, we will provide practical and actionable ideas for both Day 1 (cloud migration and cloud-native development) and Day 2 (cloud adoption and operations).

Register now and join us on a countdown of cloud migration and adoption related secrets and ideas. During this session, we will countdown from 10 to 1, with 1 being most impactful and actionable idea for your cloud migration and adoption strategy.

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Amrith Raj
Senior Solutions Architect at Dynatrace
Amrith supports the transformation journey of customers through automated and intelligent observability. He has authored an e-book on Cloud Capacity and has published papers relating to Cloud, Data Centres, and IT Infrastructure. Amrith and members of the Cloud use cases group published the Moving to Cloud whitepaper when Cloud Computing was too new to be adopted by companies. He has held multiple roles across engineering and operations, modernisation, cloud architecture, automation, migration and building fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure. Based in Melbourne, he is passionate about how technology can be used to transform human lives.
Nik Jain
Director of Solution Engineering, ANZ at Dynatrace
Nik is a Value Engineer and Business Consultant at Heart. Formally, he is Director of Solution Engineering for Dynatrace ANZ and currently heads up a team of Presales Managers and Architects in the region. Nik has more than a decade of Cloud Operations, Cloud Native Development, Site Reliability Engineering, and DevSecOps consulting experience for leading global software vendors. In addition, Nik has featured as a guest speaker at global conferences such as Reinvent, DevSecCon, KubeCon, DevOpsDaysTalk, Perform, Chaos Carnival and more.