Observability at Scale: When, What & How

3 Episodes On-demand

According to ESG’s Observability from Code to Cloud report, nine out of ten organizations are deploying applications, infrastructure, and services at a more rapid pace than they were three years ago.

Join ESG Analyst Scott Sinclair and Dynatrace’s APAC CTO Rafi Katanasho as they delve deeper into the value that intelligent and automatic observability can bring to today’s organizations.

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Episode 1: Scaling Observability: The universal need for acceleration & transformation

  • What’s behind the need to accelerate development and IT operations?
  • Is the increased focus on agility and speed creating tech debt?
  • How can organizations structure (and budget) for scale?

Episode 2: The state of application infrastructure, cloud, and observability today

  • The challenges of achieving observability at scale
  • How to address common roadblocks in observability from tool sprawl to cross-cloud complexity
  • Why organizations should go beyond observability and utilize automated and intelligent observability

Episode 3: Achieving Observability at Scale: How to do it well

  • Determining priorities for observability from improving real-time insights to better problem management and root cause analysis
  • Highlighting critical capabilities to look out for to achieve observability that is truly scalable
  • Finding the balance between speed and optimization whilst keeping costs in mind

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Rafi Katanasho
APAC CTO, Dynatrace
Scott Sinclair
Practice Director, ESG