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Wednesday, Apr 24th, 2024

10:30 am IST | 1pm SGT | 3pm AEST

Securing your business: Bridging application vulnerability management and business risk

Enterprise organizations heavily rely on applications to streamline digital workflows and drive transformation projects. It is critical for applications to be secure and free from vulnerabilities. Despite best efforts, vulnerabilities within applications exist, and managing these vulnerabilities is crucial to maintaining operational efficiency.

With limited resources, prioritising remediation efforts for vulnerabilities with the most significant impact on the business is critical to minimising potential disruption.

In this session, hear from Alvin Rodrigues, Dynatrace Application Security Specialist and cybersecurity advocate with nearly three decades of experience, as we discuss effective application vulnerability treatment strategies that will significantly reduce risks and time to remediate vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threat to your enterprise and safeguard your business.

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On-Demand Recordings

Find and Protect Vulnerabilities in Your Code Before They are Exploited

In 30 minutes, learn how you can continuously monitor both pre-production and production application environments for code-level vulnerabilities and more.

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Operationalize DevSecOps Automation with Dynatrace

See how you can foster collaboration and trust across DevSecOps teams with security gates and intelligent automation.

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Map and Prioritize Runtime Vulnerabilities

Learn how AI-powered risk and impact assessment can help you prioritize critical vulnerabilities and simplify vulnerability resolution.

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ISG: 5 best practices to improve your cloud native application security posture

Join Shashank Rajmane, ISG Principal Analyst on best practices to secure cloud-native applications.

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Forrester State of Application Security: Why organizations need AI-powered runtime security everywhere

Guest speaker Janet Worthington, Senior Analyst at Forrester, for an in-depth discussion on current challenges and opportunities for Application Security.

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