End-to-End Observability & Security

10.30am IST | 1pm SGT | 3pm AEST

When innovation is everything, you won’t want anything to get in the way.

Join our stellar lineup of local experts to be inspired and see live showcases of how you can innovate, transform and solve your biggest digital challenges with unified observability and security. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Ensure AI Project Success with AI Observability

As organisations race to adopt generative AI to increase operational efficiency and accelerate innovation, observability is critical across AI-powered applications to ensure apps are secure, reliable and cost-effective.

AI observability is the practice of monitoring and understanding AI models and systems to ensure they perform as expected in real-world applications.

Join Myrvin Yap, Principal Solutions Engineer and Adam Gardner, Staff Engineer and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Ambassador, as we explore how you can deliver sustainable, reliable, cost-effective services powered by generative AI through unified observability and security.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Building more sustainable products by monitoring AI infrastructure
  • Running AI models at scale by monitoring resource consumption and cost
  • Understanding user experience by measuring user satisfaction
  • Managing token consumption and tie cost to business outcomes
  • Gain full visibility into AI apps with detailed workflow analysis
  • How you can get started and try for yourself in under 10 minutes

Wednesday, August 14, 2024

Turbo Charge Security Investigations with Observability Data

Speed up threat hunts with Dynatrace Security Investigator
Modern applications are complex, leaving bad actors with an ever-expanding attack surface to exploit vulnerabilities. While reliability issues may be security issues in disguise, it can be hard to conclusively determine root cause due to incomplete log data. The recent MOVEit vulnerability illustrated some of the key data challenges organizations face when trying to find critical answers to questions like “were we exploited?” and “was any sensitive data stolen?”.

Join our security experts for a demo to see how runtime context, including vulnerability analytics, metrics, and traces, can expedite your security investigations and enable you to proactively hunt for threats and swiftly resolve incidents.

You'll learn how to use Dynatrace and the Security Investigator App to:

  • Uncover indicators of compromise using observability data to fill log gaps
  • Easily document and enrich your investigation with your findings for better compliance and collaboration
  • Improve threat hunting efficiency and speed of investigations

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2024

Logging at Enterprise Scale: Supercharge Your Innovation & Efficiency

Automatically ingest logs in context, store flexibly, and query at scale. Eliminate inefficiencies and let the unified Dynatrace platform automatically help find anomalies, streamline and manage alerts, and all in context.

In this webinar, see a live showcase of how practitioners are able to leverage Dynatrace's automated ingestion capabilities to quickly move to troubleshooting and value creation. Suraj Pandey, Snr Principal Solutions Engineer and a veteran in logging technologies will share real-world examples of customers and best practices for enterprises.

Learn how you can:

  • Streamline IT operations and resources by seamlessly integrating logs, metrics and traces in context by leveraging platform's automation capabilities
  • Use automated baselining and anomaly detection capabilities to drastically reduce MTTI and MTTR with relevant answers from your logs data
  • Filter and search with intuitive UI featuring navigation and facets, surrounding logs, and more without the need to learn any query language
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