Power Demo: Logs and Software Intelligence


Logs are a treasure trove. For understanding, analyzing and troubleshooting your IT landscape they are an invaluable data point, but just one data point out of many. And using logs as a one-size-fits-all approach for collecting and analyzing raw data is inefficient and carries too much overhead.

Join us and:

  • Learn what you miss out on if logs are your primary source of data
  • See how Dynatrace automatically detects log files and intelligently uses log data as part of a complete application and deployment health overview
  • Understand how Dynatrace leverages log data in its AI engine, Davis, to provide fast and precise answers
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Daniel Kaar
Dynatrace Expert
Daniel is passionate about application performance. He helps organizations around the globe to implement a modern, real user centric monitoring approach. Daniel has more than a decade of experience in software engineering in multiple industries and languages. He enjoys traveling, rare beef and never forgets to bring his camera.