A 2018 Global CIO Report

Speed of Innovation in the Cloud: The Top 5 Challenges

A new global survey asks 800 CIOs about the challenges they face as they strive to keep up with the demands of today’s ever-faster digital innovation.

Dive in to find out:

  • How the pace of software updates puts the customer experience at risk
  • The biggest barriers to cloud migrations and DevOps adoption
  • What’s stifling innovation and derailing digital transformations

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What's inside

  • The pressure to innovate faster is putting end user experience at risk. And yet CIOs believe the pace of innovation is not going to slow down.

  • 73%

    of CIOs believe the pressure for speed in digital innovation puts the customer experience at risk

  • 89%

    of CIOs think they will be required to release even faster updates in the future

  • The key to keeping up with the pace of innovation is to migrate services to a hybrid multi-cloud environment – but, introducing that complexity creates a new layer of challenges:

  • 67%

    of organizations are challenged in attempting to ensure that app performance isn’t negatively impacted by cloud migration

  • 57%

    of organizations are challenged in identifying that moving an app to the cloud yields the desired benefits

  • Siloes between teams and tools, and a lack of collaboration across the organization, exacerbates this problem even more, making it difficult for IT to get a single “view of the truth.”

  • 68%

    of organizations are leaning on a DevOps culture to improve collaboration, but...

  • 74%

    of CIOs say a lack of shared tools and data undermine DevOps efforts

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