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Dynatrace at AWS Summit Anaheim

Your Journey Into the Cloud

The AWS Summit Anaheim is coming to town August 22-23. Lets make the most of it Wednesday & Thursday!

Kick off the event Wednesday August 22nd and join Dynatrace at Angel Stadium of Anaheim for a hands on workshop or the Dynatrace Regional Partner Summit. Thursday, stop by our booth at the Summit! 

Hands-on workshop Details: Shift-Left, Shift-Right and Self-Healing are the latest buzzwords when it comes to building DevOps Pipelines. In this Hands-On Tutorial we bring these buzzwords to life by creating an End-to-End Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Node.js Microservices using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy and EC2.

  • How to Shift-Left? To stop bad changes early we implement Metrics-Driven Quality Gates using the Dynatrace Timeseries and Problem API in combination with AWS Lambda to only promote builds into the next pipeline stage if quality meets our high expectations.
  • How to Shift-Right? Monitoring as Code allows us to feed context information such as details on configuration & deployment changes to the Dynatrace AI. In this workshop we will use AWS Lambda from our AWS CodePipeline to push pipeline details to Dynatrace!
  • How to Self-Healing? Changes in Production, that negatively impact end user experience, resource consumption or operational costs, must be auto-remediated with actions such as scaling out, re-deploy or rollbacks. In this workshop we implement Self-Healing actions using Dynatrace AI Problem Notifications, AWS Lambda and AWS CodeDeploy!
This hands on workshop is based on Dynatrace and AWS Cloud Services but can easily be applied to other CI/CD DevOps Tools such as Jenkins, MS TFS, Bamboo, Bitbucket…

We require every attendee to
  1. Have their own AWS Account. We will provide a $10 AWS Voucher that will compensate for any costs that may occur by using some of the paid AWS services
  2. Have their own Dynatrace SaaS or Managed Account. Don’t have one? Sign up here:
  3. Must have basic experience with Dynatrace and AWS. Please go through the Lab 1 & Lab 2 of this online tutorial:
  4. Must have a laptop with modern browser (Chrome, Firefox), text editor and zip utility!
  5. Must have downloaded the following GitHub Repo to local machine: 

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Meet us in Anaheim!

Dynatrace Anaheim Regional Partner Summit

Join us for an afternoon of truly market changing insights driven by 3rd generation enterprise cloud monitoring. Finish the night off will a happy hour on us!