Our DevOps Journey

Transforming 6 Month Waterfalls to 1 Hour Code Deploys

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In the 2nd part of our webinar series, Anita Engleder, DevOps Lead at Dynatrace reviews and dissects lessons learned during the transformational journey moving Dynatrace from an on-prem culture to one that is cloud native. She will lend her perspective as a key member of the team that executed on the original vision: to “implement a new cloud native offering and deploy a new feature release every 2 weeks. Additionally, be able to support a 1-hour lead time from Code Change to Production”.

During this recorded webinar, Anita presents the challenges she and her team faced transforming 6 Months Waterfall to 1 Hour Code Deploys.

In this webinar Anita discusses:

  • How to enable a complete cultural shift across multiple teams, in terms of thought process AND execution
  • What the specific role of her DevOps team is and how it played into the transformation
  • The role of Feature teams and why continuous feedback is critical for them
  • How to successfully influence key stakeholders for complete alignment

Today Anita’s team runs 170 production changes every day, running across several AWS Data Centers as well as On-Premise – something that would have been thought impossible only a few years prior.

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